Apr 04 - 2017

ARBOS 5130 wins the Red Dot award 2017

The 5000 series tractor has won the “Product Design” category award. This is a further demonstration of the excellent quality of the project and a reason for pride and satisfaction for the Arbos’ management team.

It’s now official: thanks to the constant and challenging team work, which has managed to combine the Western and the Eastern design culture, ARBOS has won the Red Dot Award in the “Product Design” category.
The 5130 model in the ARBOS 5000 Series can now boast of one of the most prestigious and important design awards worldwide.
Established in 1955 in Germany, Red Dot provides the assessment of the competing projects by a jury of international experts in design and communication, with the aim of honoring the capabilities of the companies and their designers.

The team strength

No one ever wins by chance. The Red Dot conquest finds the reason for remarkable and constant team work. Designed in Italy for the global market, ARBOS 5130 is the result of an ongoing dialogue between East and West. The shared effort and considerable expertise of those who have worked on the design definition of the 5000 Series have been crucial for the implementation of an award-winning product.
A big project started from a simple sketch in the winter of 2011 and developed, in recent years, into ARBOS 5130, a tractor which is not only a greatly appreciated working tool, but also a product that can satisfy the farmer both for its style and for colouring.
All the experts involved in the project have given their contribution in the team work: the creativity of a design and engineering company such as Envision, chaired by Harry Uden, combined with the taste for beauty and colors of ARBOS Engineering and Master Studio experts in Italy. The application of the guidelines of the automotive industry global design did the rest.
As far as design is concerned, the best automotive practices were used; such practices led to the creation of a distinctive and well-balanced design with elegant lines and the much acclaimed techno green which combined with the pearl white presents the original colors of the glorious ARBOS brand in a modern way.
The high standards of the automotive industry have also been applied to the definition of the cab structure and design, enriched by a colour range which is typical of high-range cars.
Such design will be the starting point for all the forthcoming projects of the ARBOS team.

And the winner is… ARBOS 5130

Built for the open field, ARBOS 5130 has a captivating, modern and distinctive style and mounts a 4-cylinder Kohler Tier IV Final 136 HP engine. It is also equipped with a semi-powershift and synchronized gear shift transmission.
A number of interesting features make ARBOS 5130 elegant, practical and cutting-edge at the same time, as can be seen from the front of the tractor, with its integrated headlights framing the logo, and the pearl white side panels creating a pleasant contrast with the ARBOS green livery.
And there is more. ARBOS 5130 has some very distinctive elements like the ‘aggressive’ shark-gill shaped grilles on the side panels: easily removable, they are designed to optimize the air flow of the side panels.
The functional system for opening and closing the bonnet allows easy general maintenance and combines, once again, design and functionality.
The style of the cab is instantly recognizable as being borrowed from the cars, and this is evident by the elegant colors of the interior.
It is indeed the cab design that brings out the cutting-edge engineering approach, since every detail is designed to guarantee comfort and safety to the operator: the structure that spreads the stress load over the complete surface area makes the tractor safer, whereas the weight, one-third lower that of traditional versions, creates complete optimization of the weight/power ratio.
Together with all the above mentioned points, the entire 5000 Series is equipped with a curved upper portion of the windscreen, strong uprights, narrow profile of the roof and front and rear working lights, all of which make its strong character particularly noteworthy.