Nov 21 - 2016

ARBOS, a great success at EIMA 2016

Our prestigious white and green brand continues its ascent in the international markets and in fact ARBOS presented itself as a great Company at the EIMA International with its 5000 series, versatile and multifunctional in the 100-130 hp power segment, with the series 6000, robust and reliable in the 140-200 hp power segment, and with the series 7000, rising to 260 hp, embodies the highest expression of Arbos engineering concepts.
To communicate better the corporate philosophy we wanted to make a special stand, from concept TECNO-GREEN, where the TECNO part was represented by metal structures, aluminum, a sort of futuristic tree surrounded by technologies of the agriculture group, and the GREEN one was instead symbolized by natural wood structures, with a real ancient olive tree as a symbol of attachment to the land and to our Mediterranean origins.
In particular, however, in Hall 19 at stand B2, were staged the following ARBOS products:

ARBOS 5000 Series

Assembled in the factory of Migliarina di Carpi, the made in Italy version of Arbos 5000 Series has a brand new 4-cylinder Kohler engine, 3400 CC Tier IV Final/Stage IV emissioned, with constant torque and power curve already from 1300 rpm, for maximum performance in all situations. Associated with the engine, a mechanical drive synchronized with 2 or 3 stage Powershift transmission and reverse driving (mechanical or hydraulic).
On the Lovol Arbos stand are the 5100 (100 HP), the 5115 (115 HP) and the 5130 (136 HP).

ARBOS 6000 Series

In the 140 to 200 HP power segment, the 6000 Series with a 6-cylinder engine and the SemiPowersift 5- speed transmission, 3 ranges and 3 Powershift stages for a total of 45 gears and hydraulic reverser at the wheel, intends to be the perfect solution for those farms that require a robust, reliable tractor, capable of great performances in primary land processing but also in the preparation of the seed bed.
In particular, for Series 6000, on the Lovol Arbos Group stand, it is possible to admire the 6200 prototype, in the power class between 140 and 200 HP.

ARBOS 7000 Series

Top of the ARBOS tractor range, the ARBOS 7000 Series, with its modern, attractive look, is the ultimate expression of those engineering achievements already adopted for 5000 and 6000 Series. The 6-cylinder engine with up to 260 HP is combined with a 5 syncro mechanical gear transmission, 3 ranges and 4 Powershift stages (for up to 60 gears), plus the hydraulic reverser under load, the Load-Sensing hydraulic system and the electronic rear linkage.
On the stand, for Series 7000, the 6-cylinder 7260 prototype is on display, in the power class between 220 and 260 HP.

The full line

To emphasize the full line project launched by the Group, in the EIMA stand there were also the prototypes of the 4050F and 4080F orchards, respectively 49 and 75 HP, the 1200-PRO MBS sprayer, the MS 8230 12-row pneumatic precision seeder and the AS-F 450 UTS pneumatic seed drill for direct seeding. In the end, there were also the MC106 and MCP150 prototypes, the fertilizer spreader with a stainless steel tank which has a capacity of 790 litres.
The last edition of EIMA International ended in a climate of confidence and renewed enthusiasm, as evidenced by the historical record of 285,000 visitors, an increase of 21% compared to the previous edition, a sign of a gradual economic recovery that seems to be also involving the agricultural sector.