Dec 14 - 2018

ARBOS Eastern Europe’s launch to boost the business in Romania.

ARBOS products’ Full Line will be distributed in the Romanian market, through the new organization “ARBOS Eastern Europe”.


Dec. 13th - Bucharest, Romania: the ARBOS brand with its line of tractors and implements will start a new distribution “era” which begins with the Romanian market, through a strategic distribution agreement with the new “ARBOS Eastern Europe”.
The Top Management of ARBOS Group and ARBOS Eastern Europe signed a long-term exclusive distribution agreement over the Romanian market. ARBOS Eastern Europe, founded in 2018 in Bucharest (Romania), displays solid knowledge in the distribution of agricultural machinery, featuring a network of 26 dealers in the country and in their subordinate regions.
The agreement provides exclusive distribution of the entire ARBOS line throughout the Romanian territory and creates the base for the most important ARBOS Eastern Europe “hub” to expand the business into the South-Eastern European regions.
The ARBOS brand and its products create a wonderful scenario to meet Romanian farmer’s needs. Sales are mainly focused on Compact and Utility tractors between 25 and 70 HP, to cover the market segment of small farmers, particularly in Transylvania.
Additional products, like the 5000 series, create a good alternative to reach the mid-level farmers focused on livestock in the South West, and the innovative precision planters MS TWIN will cover the segment of big farms.
The combination of tractors and implements, conceived together since the beginning, guarantees great results to the final customer while working in the field.
“We are enthusiastic to come on board with such a professional and strong organization. ARBOS Eastern Europe will soon become a benchmark for farmers and big farms. In 2019 we expect to see Eastern Europe become the most important market in the world for ARBOS” - explained Sales, Marketing & After Sales Director of ARBOS Group, Massimo ZUBELLI. “The team worked very hard since the beginning and continues to demonstrate passion and high commitment to the success of ARBOS in Romania, we are sure to add another brilliant business star, to our operations in Romania” - said Tommaso SERRANO - CEO of ARBOS Eastern Europe.
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