Jul 24 - 2017

ARBOS Full Line on field

On Thursday, July 20th, in the beautiful hills around Piacenza, the ARBOS full line made its debut in Italy. The province of Piacenza is where ARBOS Group traditionally celebrates every progress of the project: it is here where the ARBOS brand was born in the Forties.
Five tractors representing the ARBOS 5000 Series combined with as many pieces of equipment in the traditional green and white colors, produced in the S. Vito al Tagliamento plant.
That is how ARBOS was introduced to a selection of international journalists, who could, for the first time, experience first-hand and drive the machines built in the last 24-36 months.
The work at the root of the project, explained the Group’s CEO Andrea Bedosti during the press conference, took place simultaneously in several directions: important investments in the two production plants, innovation in machine design, engagement and determination in the restructuring of the network.

Machines under test

At A.M.A. farm in Vigolzone, near Piacenza, Lovol ARBOS has demonstrated the great potential of its full line range: the ARBOS 5000 Tractor Series in the two versions 5100 with 110 HP and 5130 with 136HP was tested in combination with five different implements.
The journalists could test the seeders in all their configurations for different seeding styles: the six-row telescopic precision seed drill MS 8230, the MSD 2.0 COMBI for cereals combined with 3M rotary harrow and the newly refurbished ASF450, innovative equipment for direct seeding or under surface seeding.
To complete the full-line under test, the MBS 1200 sprayer, the MMX 3000 fertilizer spreader and a 5-anchor subsoiler to prove the exceptional drive capacity of the 5000 range.

Full Line, a team game

The ARBOS full line is the result of the investments made by Lovol ARBOS Group, which led to the acquisition of MaterMacc first and then Goldoni, but also to the creation of the new logistics center in Migliarina di Carpi and to substantial investments in R&D.
The full line presented in the field represents the achievement of a major goal: the transition from design to industrialization and then to production and deployment of the ARBOS products.
MaterMacc technological excellence, for which the Group has important news to be shared at the next Agritechnica, coupled with the simplicity of the ARBOS 5000 Series, characterized by great traction performance and a low but functional level of technology, build a complete offer, whose potential has already been acknowledged by the sales network which will market ARBOS products as from September 2017.

Power, Reliability and Convenience. In a word, ARBOS 5000

Born in the R&D center in Bologna, which used to be Lovol ARBOS Group headquarter, the 5000 Series is the concrete expression of qualitative economy, which is one of the founding pillars of the Group history.
A recent history belonging to the broad project called “Silk Road” promoted by the People’s Republic of China as a tool for shifting the Chinese economy from quantitative to qualitative within a virtuous partnership between Italy and China, based on a mutual “win win” idea.
Produced in China since June 2016 within an Italian design assembly line and with the production being launched in the renewed Goldoni factory, the 5000 Series has already received many awards such as the participation as a finalist for the Best Utility Category at Tractor of the Year 2016 and the recent RED DOT Product Design Award 2017, which has recognised its design quality.
Assembled and designed in Italy, this versatile and multifunctional Series has an ace up its sleeve, which is the traction power.
The 4-cylinder Kohler, 3404 TCR 3400 CC, Tier IV compliant engine, with SCR and DOC system fully integrated into the external vertical muffler offers a power curve and constant torque already at 1300 rpm.
The 5-speed mechanical transmission, with three ranges designed and produced by ARBOS, with Hi-Lo and mechanical reverse shuttle is offered as well as the 3-stage Powershift version with electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle and creeper. The PTO - available in the two 540/540Eco and 540/1000 fittings - and the differential lock are electro-hydraulic.
The hydraulic system has a total capacity of 110 liters per minute and is provided with two pumps, one with a range of 40 liters per minute, to serve both the high-performing hydraulic steering and the transmission, and the other with a range of 70 liters per minute for the three auxiliary hydraulics.
The lifter, available in mechanical version with easy lift system, will be available (as from January 2018) upon request also in electronic version. The maximum lifting capacity is 4400 kilos.
The cab, whose design is 100% Italian, is characterized by its innovative four-pillar structure, by the top panoramic profile, highly functional with its front loader, and by the high-performance air-conditioning system.