Jul 06 - 2018


Agronomic training and field tests dedicated to the ARBOS network and customers. The first ARBOS GREEN CAMPUS allowed the ARBOS Full Line to prove its true potential.

The event which took place on June 28th at the ARBOS implements factory in San Vito al Tagliamento (PN),  invited specialized press to take part in something absolutely ground breaking : The green campus training program, dedicated to dealers and final customers, in which ARBOS is focusing its global vision of a concept that harmonizes agricultural machines and soil, through the optimization of the agronomic cycle and by mastering an ever more connected and complex machine-implements system.
Beginning on June 12th , the first edition of the ARBOS green campus carried out throughout four  intense weeks, rich in events with an international vibe . This program made it possible to approach and learn about the importance of the agronomic techniques and the role they play in the creation of the ARBOS Full line, conceived to provide specific and accurate answers to every single operational need.
Over 300 participants joined the event between dealers, final customers and importers from France, Spain, Portugal, UK, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Italy and Balkans.   
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The ARBOS Green campus was also a platform for some very important previews, in addition to the previously mentioned ARBOS 7000 SERIES  which will be in the spotlight in just a few months at the Bolognese fair EIMA INTERNATIONAL 2018 . The ARBOS 3000 M series, an entry-level made-in-China tractor also made its appearance on the field, joining the ARBOS full line, which is more and more  comprehensive to promptly satisfy all the requests,  whether be it High-End machines or Entry-Level products.
ARBOS Group is combining product innovations and the constant and continuous improvements of production sites. During the training, the guests were able to admire the renewed establishment in san Vito, where THE Group’s implements are designed and produced. The plant , which was designed according to the Industry 4.0 guidelines, has been the object of recent and important investments that resulted in particularly successful actions which elevated the productive standards of efficiency and quality.
To dive into the ARBOS world and develop deep knowledge of the agronomic cycle
To master an ever more connected and complex machine-implements system
To be one step ahead, in an increasingly demanding market and to build a winning team
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