Jun 27 - 2015

Bubba days in piacenza

A new era

After a gap of more than 20 years, new life has been breathed into Arbos-Bubba, the Italian brand that on 27 June was at the centre of a conference in Piacenza, the historical home of Bubba and Arbos. Organised by Foton Lovol, the company that acquired the two brands, the conference entitled “Arbos-Bubba: re-birth of a brand between the via Emilia and the Silk Road” therefore focused on the values that these two historic companies handed down, forever influencing the history of tractors and combine harvesters.
The event, organised with the cooperation of the Piacenza Municipal Authority, the Emilia Romagna Regional Authority and sponsored by the Accademia dei Georgofili (agricultural academy) and C.A.M.A.E., the Vintage Agricultural Machinery Club, shed new light on the vitality and energy in Arbos’s DNA, recently re-awoken with the purchase of the archives containing the group’s technological know-how: 70,000 drawings stored in a Piacenza warehouse for years.
The conference, chaired by journalist Marco Limina, editor of the monthly MAD agricultural publication, then continued with speeches by Ernesto Ferrini, founder and chairman of C.A.M.A.E., by Claudio Bellotti, a fan of and expert on vintage tractors, by Alessandro Miglioli, former chairman of Nuova Arbos, by Massimo Zubelli, marketing and sales director and by Andrea Bedosti, vice-chairman of Lovol Europe, who emphasised the cultural, economic and political value of the new “Arbos” adventure, whose future is linked to the ambitious project by the Chinese government called “One Belt, One Road”.
The history of Arbos-Bubba tractors and combine harvesters was then the subject of an extensive public celebration with displays of old Bubba tractors and an Arbos combine harvester along Pubblico Passeggio and in Piazza Cavalli.
The event was then transferred to Milan, where near to the Expo site in the afternoon the vintage tractor collectors gathered for a meeting organised by C.A.M.A.E., continuing even on Sunday 28 June with a display of the vehicles of great historical interest.