MS 8100 PT

MS 8100 precision planter, semi-trailed version with 3 point hitch cat. II. The planting units are directly mounted on the main rigid tool bar.
The drive wheels are also used for road transport. The towed seed drill solution, allows the use of low power tractors, the lifting weight is only 1/3 of the total weight of the machine.
  • Planting unit 8000-RS
  • Double rigid tool bar
  • 3 point hitch con turbine with fan
  • Oscillating towing hook
  • PTO 540 min-1
  • Cardan shaft with free wheel 1” 3/8 Z6-
  • Z6 (510 mm length)
  • Vacuum meter
  • Hydraulic automatic disc row marker (specify if marking tractor center or on wheel track)
  • Centralized gearbox 21 with ratios
  • One set of seed plates (indicate Nr of holes and Ø)
  • Small seeds level gauge and dropping device (each row)
  • Seed emptying collector
  • Drive and transport wheels are fitted between the planting units and hydraulically controlled

Technical features

Rows 1840 kg.
Tool bar 600 cm.
Row spacing 70-75 cm.
Weight base 1840 kg.
Power required 80-100 hp
Capacity seed 400
Capacity fertil 2x700
Weight fertil 2060 kg.
Capacity micro 100 l.