A simple and economical machine that is simultaneously extremely versatile and very robust: ARBOS 3055, the compact tractor that's a great all-rounder!
Boasting a 4-cylinder engine that can deliver 50 hp at a rated speed of 2400 rpm, a maximum torque of 235 Nm at 1600 rpm and low fuel consumption (245 grams per hp/ hour), the 3055 model - which complies fully with the Tractor Mother Regulations (TMR) - is an excellent working companion in small/medium-sized farms, as well as being the perfect addition to any comprehensive fleet of machines.

Equipped with a mechanical transmission which is easy to use and maintain, with 4 synchronised gears across 3 ranges (L, M and H) - a total of 12 forward ratios and the same number of reverse ratios - the tractor is also approved for driving on the road, at speeds of up to 40 km/h (with 28-inch tyres).
The open centre hydraulic system on the ARBOS 3055 is also worth mentioning - consisting of two separate circuits, it enables optimal management of the oil flow in accordance with the operator's working requirements: a pump with a flow rate of 45 l/min powers the hydraulic lift, which boasts a capacity of 1400 kg, as well as the two rear dual-action hydraulic distributors, which are controlled using the handy mechanical levers located to the right of the operator's seat. In addition, the machine is also equipped with a second pump with a flow rate of 14 l/min for the steering, the multi-disc clutch for the PTO (to prevent wear) and for lubricating the transmission.

In both the roll bar and cabin versions - the latter of which boasts exceptional comfort and visibility thanks to the air conditioning system and large windows - the driver's seat is extremely ergonomic and comfortable from dawn until dusk; indeed, work can continue uninterrupted thanks to the capacious 60 litre diesel fuel tank, guaranteeing autonomy for the full duration of the working day.
As such, ARBOS 3055 is the perfect solution for all those looking for a machine that is small in size whilst being flexible, reliable, multi-functional and easy to maintain; a tractor that can offer you everything you expect ... and much more besides!
Key features:
  • 4 cylinder 50 hp engine
  • 12F + 12R transmission
  • Hydraulic power take off, 540/1000 rpm
  • Stage IIIA, complies with TMR
  • Rear differential locking
  • High versatility
  • Easy maintenance+

Technical features

Type Direct Injection diesel
Power rating HP/kW 50/36,8
N°Cylinders n°4
Swept volume 3168 cc 
N° Speeds 12 + 12 synchro shift with mechanical drive and four-wheel drive
Reverse Shuttle Mechanical, synchronized
Speed 40 kph 
Pump flow rate 15 + 45 l/min
Rear hydraulic control valves 2 SE/DE
Platform Integral platform on liquid sylicon silent block
Length 4136 mm
Width 1660 mm
Wheelbase 1990 mm
Weight with safety frame 2300 kg
Weight with cab 2480 kg
Front-Rear 8.3-20/14.9-24
Front-Rear 8.3-20/12.4-28
Front-Rear 260/70R20 - 380/85R24
Front-Rear 280/70R16 - 260/70R20
Front-Rear 260/70R20 - 380/85R24
Front-Rear 31X9.5-16/13-20
Front-Rear 280/70 R20 - 380/70 R28