Oct 06 - 2018

ARBOS is full of news at EIMA 2018

The EIMA in Bologna is the event in which ARBOS will present all its innovations, in every segment of agricultural mechanization, from open to specialized tractors, passing through the implements.

ARBOS will participate in the 2018 edition of the EIMA in Bologna, bringing some of the most interesting novelties of the event to the stand.


7000 Series

The flagship of the Group (which is currently completing the path to mass production, with the crazy development phase to be expected for the top of the ARBOS range) will finally be revealed at EIMA in its final form. The latest generation 6-cylinder FPT 6.8 TIER V (the beating heart of the three models, 7220-7240-7260) delivers up to 270 hp in overpower and is coupled to a 5-speed/3-range/4-stage Powershift transmission, while the hydraulic system has a load sensing pump, 5 electro-hydraulic distributors and a 10,000 kg electronic lift to guarantee maximum versatility in the use of all Heavy Duty implements. Great visibility and comfort (and an automotive style, which never hurts) in the Hi-Vision Maxi cab, with a pneumatic suspension seat and a multi-function armrest with the most frequently-used commands.

New 2000 and 3000 Series

The new 2000 Series (in the 25 or 35 HP variants) and 3000 Series (with the 3055 model that will probably be the best seller) complement the ARBOS range in the 20/50 HP segment. Developed specifically for the Italian market - although many thousands of these tractors are already working throughout the world - they stand out for their versatility, affordability and robustness.

Several transmissions are available (8 + 8 or 12 + 12, 4-speed gearboxes with two or three selection ranges), with road use certification at 30 km/h for the 2025 and 2035, and 40 km/h for the 3050.
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4000 Series

ARBOS develops ranges for the open field and ranges for orchards and vineyards: in particular, at EIMA 2018, the Group will present the entire range of tractors and implements for orchards and vineyards, promoting itself as the specialized tractors leaders with a product range that no other manufacturer can currently match.

We will therefore see fully updated models from 60 to 110 HP complying with the most stringent standards for emissions (Tier IIIb) and safety (TMR). The new multi-purpose 4000 Series in the dimensional variants F, AF and Q, including the 4080F, the most compact 4-cylinder on the market.
In the 90-110 HP segment, the leader will be the 4110Q, the Group's best seller, which combines all the advantages of a machine designed for row processing: compactness, manoeuvrability and a low centre of gravity, with its Low Profile cab, electronic lift and full-spec hydraulics.

Isodiametric models from 20 to 100 HP with two, three and four cylinders, with articulated versions and steerable wheels. The spotlight is on the new 3060E model with synchronised 16 + 16 transmission and steering wheels, but above all on the new 4000E range with steerable wheels and articulated versions with a central ball joint. 
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The electric transmission is only the first step in the evolution that will make the seeding machine the tool which controls the tractor itself. In the new MS8230, the electric motors interface with the soil fertility maps pre-loaded in the management system, dispensing the product in an ideal way.


First evolutionary step with an innovative and patented seed dispensing system and a new seed distribution disc that increases the machine speed.

MSD 2.0 COMBI 6m

A development of the MSD COMBI 3m, the new version has unique features, such as the four pneumatic dispensers and the electric transmission with a pre-start system, to achieve increased homogeneity across the entire working width,  as well as higher crop yield and speed of performance.  Just a few simple adjustments are enough to change from  conventional seeding to minimum tillage.  It has a hydraulically folding frame for road  transfer and a new extendable front tank to  distribute seed and fertilizer at the same time.
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For ARBOS, innovation is in first place and on this aspect the Group's investments have been particularly high and profitable.
Self-diagnosis of sowing distributor wear
ARBOS presents a system for real-time recording of the state of the fluidic seal inside the suction chamber of each distributing device of a sowing machine, with a much more accurate measurement than the current analogue gauges widely used by competitors.

ARBOS presents a simple, accurate and automatic system for measuring the actual speed of advance of an idler wheel, in particular on soft ground, called Rear Automatic Control Speed (RACS).

ARBOS BLASTER is a towed sprayer, with steering axle, 4000 litre main tank and 36 meter aluminium spray-bar.
ARBOS and its sales network are waiting for you at EIMA 2018, in Bologna from 7 to 11 November.
Hall 19, Stand B / 2: come and talk to our staff and find the solution that best suits your needs.
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